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How to Develop AI Algorithms?

The training process is the focal point of the development phase and involves making the algorithm autonomous and effective, i.e., capable of fulfilling the project objectives.


Starpool | Wellness IoT

My W-Place is a mobile App that allows Starpool customers to enjoy their domestic wellness area with total comfort and autonomy.


How to Design AI Algorithms?

To Design AI Algorithms, we need to study the customer’s context, his/her business objectives, and the process that the software will follow to achieve them.


The Truth About Design Thinking

You can find thousands of articles explaining how to do Design Thinking. But Design Thinking is not something that you ‘do.’
In this analysis, we reveal the truth about it.


Resources Optimisation

Computer vision technologies allow monitoring and streamlining of production processes, so that waste is avoided and work proceeds under optimal conditions.


Acqua Alma Refill App

IoT technology collects and uses data to deliver personalized experiences and services. Acqua Alma Refill demonstrates how digital tools enable users to manage their daily well-being.


Virtual Catalog

Virtual Catalog is a solution that allows brands and companies to virtualize their products using Augmented Reality.


Virtual Try On

It allows the virtual try-ons of accessories and clothing items through the support of a device with an integrated camera.


XR Training

With XR training, you can learn with all the potential of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.



The impact of digital transformation in highly regulated sectors



Internet of things to safeguard production and the environment


Phasys VR

Riedl Phasys is the automation system of drug distribution in pharmacies.

We are pioneers and explorers, ahead of the curve in Virtual Reality