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VR training of technicians

VR Training
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Immersive technologies are increasingly used in the educational field. Thanks to its ability to recreate situations and environments, operators can be trained without endangering their safety or interrupting the production cycle, obtaining results that are fully equivalent to on-site training.

Nokia, a leading company in the installation of telecommunications towers, was looking for a tool that would help train its operators on the procedures for operating at considerable heights, with complex equipment and stringent safety standards.

Field training brings with it a number of complications that have a heavy impact on the cost, time and safety of training, so it is essential to include tools that help overcome all these difficulties.

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Virtual reality represents an effective and efficient support for this type of project as it recreates the typical circumstances that employees must be prepared for and because it is highly immersive. Owing to the latter, the training is effective and consequently, all elements are assimilated more quickly.

We have therefore identified the best possible technological solution for Nokia’s objectives by identifying virtual reality with 360° video as the most suitable tool. A design document was prepared containing the guidelines for the experience, including assessment tools that evaluate and verify the skills gained by employees.

Virtual reality is an excellent training tool because it can faithfully recreate real situations.

The next step was shooting in the field with special 360 ° cameras alongside live operators engaged in their usual activities. These shots were then post-produced and made available through virtual reality viewers. The last step was the inclusion of elements to verify skills, thanks to multiple choice questions on each checkpoint of the experience. Based on the amount of correct answers and the attempts made, a score was given to each operator involved in the training course

The controlled environment and the skills check have a positive impact on the safety of employees.

This design of training can be used around the world to train hundreds of operators for Nokia’s telecommunications towers, enabling timely, sustainable, verifiable and, above all, safe training.

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