Be Kind, Do Good, Have Fun.

What drives an entire organization? How are company goals achieved?

Our method is based on a set of values, behaviors and relationships that make, what would otherwise simply be a group of professionals, a team.
Our organizational culture is manifested through various tools.

Be Kind, Do Good, Have Fun
Be kind not only to clients but also to partners, suppliers, and colleagues. Work well and possibly have fun while doing it.


  • Horizontal Leadership

    There is no pressure caused by a top-down hierarchy in the company, but rather equal responsibility that allows each of us to grow and express our own potential.


    From the interns to the managers, each of us is free to express ideas.

  • Periodic Internal Meeting

    During these periodic meetings, team leaders share recent developments relative to projects, events, fairs, new skills, deliveries, etc. with the whole company.


    The entire team is kept up to date on what is happening even in all areas of the company even if seemingly distant.


    This creates advocacy and awareness, favors exchange and sharing which can often be useful in facing new challenges.

  • Stand-up Meeting

    A quick update at the beginning of the day which strictly takes place while standing.


    This discourages time wasting or lengthy meetings, allowing for quick updates on projects.

  • Objective and Key Results (OKR)

    Defining common goals creates cohesiveness within the team as they try to meet them.
    The framework OKR creates alignment and involvement, establishing goals that are not tied to individual performance, that are qualitative and transparent being that they are available for everyone to see and are, above all, ambitious.


    The key results, instead, are quantitative metrics that have clearly defined characteristics. In fact, they must be: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and have a clear deadline.


    This method is particularly indicated for technology companies that deal with complex projects. Simply put, Objectives are the goals while Key Results are the indicators that demonstrate the proximity to reaching them.


    At a lower level, we find single tasks which escape the work routine. These tasks are tied to the final goal and are, therefore, very important.

  • One-on-One Meeting

    A tool that allows the team leader to get to know the individual members of the team, to understand their ambitions and difficulties both for single projects as well as in relation to their professional career as a whole.

  • Side Projects

    Innovation requires a pace that is very difficult to maintain as the company grows. We’re all always busy respecting deadlines, releasing designs and satisfying our client, it’s difficult to find the time and the attention for experimentation.


    This is why we encourage every member of the team to present a project, a vision of their own.


    Twice a year, an internal contest is opened and a few ideas are selected to be developed using 20% of an employee’s own office time.


    This allows us to:

    keep up with new technologies

    continuously develop new skills, without limiting ourselves to what the market requests – and pays for.

    promote a culture of creativity in the company: no one feels embarrassed to share their own ideas, no one feels criticized

    technology exploration


  • Continuous training

    The context in which we work is ever changing, highly competitive, and fast-paced, this is why it is essential to continuously and constantly bring the whole team up to date on new skills.


    This is why training is an important element of the team’s OKR, which involves participation in conferences and training courses, the organization of meetings for internal exchange, the launching of at least four side projects every three months, the drafting of articles on our blog, the publishing of projects on Stack Overflow and much more.

  • Headquarters open to the world

    A fundamental asset that supports our work, a location in which innovation, energy and skill: our office is open to comparison and sharing, an exchange between Uqido and the entire world.

    Projects that arise from this approach include Uqido Talks About, the Academy of Immersive Technologies, Uqido Webcast. Furthermore, we host numerous initiatives for partners and agencies, hosting even 3, 000 people per year.

  • Corporate wellness

    We promote a lifestyle oriented towards psycho-physical well-being through incentives such as yoga before working hours and a donation for a gym subscription.


    Physical activity increases productivity, helps team building, stimulates creativity, reduces anxiety, and improves mood.