and development with an Agile approach.

We put the client at the center of our processes: we supply continuous support and consulting. We reply to any kind of questions taking by hands, analyzing ideas, assessing and executing them. A clear, user-centered, and design-based approach.


  • Agile Development

    Our workflow is based on Agile SCRUM, a method that is especially recommended for complex and innovative projects.


    It is a set of operations that divides the project into so-called “sprints” to coordinate the development process with the needs of the client, through continuous involvement that optimizes development time and quality.


    After gathering the project requirements, the first “sprint” begins with the design of the features that are then made into prototypes to test it out. Feedback is then gathered and acts as a base for improvement during the next “sprint”.


    The design is divided into Design-Prototyping-Test-Feedback-Review cycles which are repeated until the final product is created.

  • Human-centered Design

    An approach that distinguishes all our projects and all of their stages. We focus on the users of the digital products, collecting, analyzing and understanding their needs and motivations.


    A design that pairs well with Agile development: both of the methods are in fact continuously repeated, by absorbing the feedback received throughout the process in order to improve the solutions proposed to the users. A perspective capable of reaching solutions fit for the user.

  • Uqido Deep Dive

    Not all projects begin with a precise technical plan. At times, the only truly clear aspect is the problem that needs to be resolved, with no clearly defined ideas pertaining to the method and technology.


    Making more traditional design thinking tools our own, we are by our clients’ side through either or both the processes of product and service innovation, with Uqido Deep Dives.


    True immersions concentrated in a limited period of time, aimed at quickly finding a solution for the business, thanks to the involvement of team managers, neuroscientists, developers, creators and designers at Uqido, as well as the client.


    A ‘deep immersion’ into the critical needs of the business. They are sorted, examined from the inside out, analyzed in order to conceive truly efficient and feasible solutions.
    The result of this process is an exact direction to undertake in order to reach pre-established goals thanks to a complete and precise technical and qualitative analysis.


    Uqido Deep Dive is a tool devised and created by Uqido that is founded in the principles of design thinking and adapts the best characteristics of the Google Ventures Sprint, invented by Jake Knapp according to its own needs.