Extended Reality

In a pervasively digitized world, where we communicate, work and shop increasingly online, Immersive Technologies help people reduce distances and perform traditional activities easier.

XR, which stands for Extended Reality, is the expression used to indicate immersive technologies that expand our experience of the world through virtual elements. Augmented Reality adds digital assets to physical reality, while Virtual Reality creates virtual models of environments and contexts. XR Technologies rely on 3D models for virtualization, subjecting objects to photogrammetry processes and recreating a digital copy of elements and spaces realistically. At the business level, immersive technologies represent a powerful ally, capable of improving the customer experience and making remote maintenance, assistance and training processes more effective.

Augmented Reality creates a faithful representation of products for sale, improving the customer experience.


We develop XR Technologies that simplify complex operations, making them more efficient.

We work on solutions that respond to real needs: technology that is useful to people.

Remote Assistance

Optimizing costs and time, bringing technical expertise to production departments.

Virtual Catalog

Virtual Catalog is a solution that allows brands and companies to virtualize their products using Augmented Reality.

Virtual Try On

It allows the virtual try-ons of accessories and clothing items through the support of a device with an integrated camera.

XR Training

With XR training, you can learn with all the potential of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Immersive technologies are redesigning the future today.

XR team

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We are pioneers and explorers, at the forefront of  Extended Reality

Technologies and Framework

The recipe for projects destined to leave a mark? Heterogeneous teams equipped with cross-functional skills and know-how.

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