Virtual Catalog

Virtual Catalog

Virtual Catalog is a solution that allows brands and companies to virtualize their products using Augmented Reality.

In recent years Retail has enthusiastically responded to the trend of XR technologies. Many cosmetic and fashion brands have found themselves forced to interact with their customers almost exclusively online: today, the User Journey often begins on web and social media, so it is essential to use digital tools for bringing products directly to customers, before they arrive in the store. Augmented Reality technologies are particularly effective: they are able to give shape and depth to products on the market. When a company creates an AR catalog of its products, transforming them into 3D objects, it creates a Virtual Catalog.

We use photogrammetry to create 3D models of real objects. These models are deeply realistic so that the user sees the virtual product in great detail, from texture to color shades. In the end users can explore the peoducts for sale directly from their PC or smartphone, with a superior level of precision and detail than the one given by simple images.

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The Virtual Catalog helps both consumers and brands

For a company, having a complete and exhaustive catalog is almost impossible. Generally, users only come into contact with a small portion of the items for sale, which may not necessarily reflect their taste and needs. Moreover in a physical catalog the customer cannot see a customized product and must make a high effort of immagination.

The Virtual Catalog eliminates these obstacles. It provides the consumer with the entire company’s offering and allows users to view a concrete and highly realistic example of the chosen product. With a mobile App and Augmented Reality solutions the user can explore all the product options and combinations. This facilitates the purchasing process.