Virtual products to increase online sales

The ability to view augmented reality objects increases online sales by as much as 20%

3D digital assets to increase online sales

2020, watershed of online commerce

2020 will be remembered, as well as for Covid-19, for the growth rates of online commerce which have also reached 44%. But are companies ready for this paradigm shift? What are consumers looking for and what is the buying process on the web?

We have studied the phenomenon and carried out research to understand what are the motivations or brakes to the purchase of consumers, thus going to imagine useful solutions for companies to increase online sales, such as, for example, 3D digital assets.

Persona acquista su ecommerce

Market analysis and idea generation

Our team of strategists has conducted market surveys to understand what the brakes on e-commerce shopping were and a good percentage of respondents admit they do not trust the 2D images of the products that are shown on the websites. In fact, especially in the case of high-end goods, being able to view the products in all their parts, in the details and in the different variants is crucial for the purchase.

It is therefore essential to use 3D objects on web platforms that are completely comparable to their real counterparts which, in the best of situations, can also be enjoyed through augmented reality.


And what do companies think about it?

The business in 2020 saw many of its certainties collapse: how many companies were used to promoting their products at fairs and physical events and found themselves unable to do so? How many times did the sales process involve sending a sales manager from the other side of the world to personally illustrate a certain product (as in the case of Safilo)?

Covid-19 made this impossible for a considerable period of time when companies still had to keep selling.

Also in this case 3D products that can be explored in every detail, catalogues in augmented reality, models resulting from scans using photogrammetry have proved to be not only valuable assets but also decisive for the survival of companies.


The solution: AR-Ready 3D products

Thanks to our XR team we have engineered the process of creating 3D models to allow companies to have online products equivalent to real ones in a reasonably short period of time. All of this has supported sales in a period of great uncertainty and has broken down typical purchase barriers of that large part of users who are still wary of e-commerce.

To obtain a photorealistic rendering of 3D models, techniques such as photogrammetry or 3D modelling are used, this allows you to obtain detailed products and, at the same time, usable through augmented reality.

Here some demos of products that we have created that, as can be seen, range from the fashion industry to that of real estate, passing through furnishing accessories and technological devices, 3D digital assets to increase online sales ->

Team XR and augmented reality

It is bread for their teeth! The challenge in this project was to obtain models comparable to realistic ones but sufficiently ‘light’ to be enjoyed in augmented reality (which is based on real-time rendering) and on any type of device, even on older ones.

For the design particular attention to the UI

Most of the online shoppers are unfamiliar with augmented reality so it was essential to guide them in the use of 3D models through simple and intuitive interfaces. The more well-designed a technology is, the easier it is for people to use it.

Test sulla UI della realtà aumentata

Marketing on the hunt for the right target

A great variety of companies have had to deal with the pandemic, the cancellation of fairs or the closing of shops, but where to start to validate our idea and outline its commercial direction? The team probed the market through interviews, statistics and browsing a large number of sources of information. The result?

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