Uqido Deep Dive with Pam Panorama

Tools to improve customer loyalty

Design thinking
User experience

How can companies innovate products and services?
Is there a solid, reliable and effective process to come up with the perfect solution?

We have worked with Pam Panorama to answer both questions using Uqido Deep Dive, a set of cognitive, conceptual, and pragmatic practices combining technical skills and creative ideas.
Uqido Deep Dive responds to the needs of companies aiming to boost innovation to find the best possible solutions applying the Design Thinking methodology.

During the three days of work with Pam Panorama, marketing, sales, design, neuroscience, and software development experts have been involved to contribute in different but complementary ways to achieve such goals. Involving such a diverse team allows exploring multiple solutions, collecting valid basic information and making the most of every different way of thinking.

Day 1

Innovation as an analysis-driven

Uqido Deep Dive begins by articulating the context towards the definition of business goals. Usually starting analysing the situation, the whole process is leading to find one or more effective solutions to solve those problems.

First, everyone understands its contribution to the final goals. Then the team agrees on the rules of the game, and finish off with the description of users, drawing the Personas Canvas and the User Map.

Day 2

Information is key to define the
engagement strategies

Here comes the fun part, it is time to articulate some ideas! Starting with the opportunities identified in Day 1, we come up with useful creative solutions.

The key tools in this phase are: the Job Stories, considering both motivations and users’ expectations; the Features Map used to map out the features based on the relevance and the frequency of use; the Crazy 8s, the most creative part of the whole process combining eight solutions designed to achieve the goals.

UX e neuroscienze

Users, always bombarded with a lot of information from multiple channels, have less and less time to try out new services or to properly understand new concepts. A good digital experience has to take it into account applying neuroscience to gain users’ attention, which has become a precious resource nowadays.

Knowing and mapping the cognitive shortcuts of the human brain allows us to design better user experiences guiding the user to easily navigate, organizing information according to a precise hierarchy and structure.

Uqido Deep Dive makes it possible to apply cognitive neuroscience principles to better define the user experience.

Day 3

La definizione della migliore
soluzione possibile

The process we described is highly democratic, linear, logical, and it unlocks the most effective solutions thanks to the application of wireframes.

Pam Panorama could see first-hand the results of the work of the heterogeneous and highly skilled team they were part of.
The final service has been co-created by Pam Panorama and Uqido, as the path to follow has been chosen and shared since the beginning.


Innovating products or services is never easy. It is often a tricky and non-linear path, so it is essential to follow a clear process, running the fastest possible.

Uqido Deep Dive allows designing prototypes in a few days, identifying real solutions. Developing and testing them together with the customer allows shortening the time to market. Innovation does not involve instinct decisions or improvisation, it stands for skills, strategy, and research.

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