Galileo Festival | The value of people in innovative companies

Galileo | Padua Science Festival

May 20, 2023

Galileo, the Festival of Science and Innovation, is a series of meetings organized by Italy Post and Corriere della Sera with the support of the Municipality of Padua.

This Festival is an opportunity to discuss science, technology, and innovation with people who work in the field. In this context, we were called upon to represent Uqido as an Innovative Company of the region, not to talk about technology, but about people.

The Value of the Individual (in companies)

The panel in which our CEO, Pier Mattia Avesani, participated promoted a discourse on innovation from a often overlooked perspective. Rather than discussing how innovation is done, we discussed who does innovation: the people who work in so-called “innovative” companies.

A company is innovative not only when it produces cutting-edge technologies but especially when it creates a work environment focused on the growth and development of its employees.

In the companies of the future, the Individual is at the center, and the outputs are the result of their contribution.

The essential condition for fostering innovation is to create a comfortable environment for those who produce innovation, namely our employees, the individuals we work with.

If work becomes a place of freedom, where people can express themselves, if it becomes a place that recognizes and nurtures their qualities, then people work better, they are more motivated, and they contribute their own uniqueness to the outputs.

Thus, the final product is not just a matter of technique or mechanical competence; it is a unique product enriched by the specificities of the individuals who have worked on it, with their vision and intuition.

This approach to work, human and ethical, is the approach of the future. It is the path we strive to take everyday, both outside and inside the office.

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