Intesa San Paolo Innovation Center | AI Talk

Artificial Intelligence for your Business

May 17th 2023

Innovation MeetUp is a format by Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, that supports startups and companies involved in digital transformation processes.

This year, they asked us to discuss one of the trending technologies, Artificial Intelligence, to undertand its potential.

AI can support your Business

When a new technology arises, the most common response is fear, which often translates into resistance and prejudice. When ChatGPT became a mainstream topic, most discussions revolved around the possibility of systems like this stealing our jobs. And some people still think that way.

However, thanks to ChatGPT, we can now bring attention to a technology that should not be feared but understood. Understanding AI, we can reveal its potential and ability to benefit businesses and companies.

What can Artificial Intelligence do?

The technology behind ChatGPT did not appear out of nowhere; it has been extensively studied for years and represents just one of the many forms that AI can take.

Here is a list of activities that Artificial Intelligence algorithms allow: 

  • Segmenting and recognizing elements in an image: the algorithm learns to interpret images, enabling processes like automating quality control.
  • Generating synthetic datasets: the algorithm creates synthetic data, such as images, videos, or audio, constructing them based on accurate models of real objects.
  • Conducting automated code testing: programming development procedures are simplified as the algorithm tests the quality of the code before deploying it. This reduces the margin of error and the likelihood of bugs.
  • Extracting information from written texts: AI algorithms help digitize a large volume of paper documents, by detecting their content and translating it into digital files.

These are just a few possibilities that Artificial Intelligence offers. Depending on your business, AI can find ways to meet your needs!