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Accudire is the digital solution that can simplify and speed up export processes in complex international markets.

The challenge was to identify how digital transformation in this sector could create value in an ecosystem characterised by strict regulations, bureaucracy and difficulties sharing information.

The first step we took was to identify which steps in the process could be digitised, with the aim of streamlining management processes and providing companies with a tool to improve the management of international trade.

We developed a web platform that uses Blockchain technology for the notarization of important data and events such as the shipper’s receipt of mandate, registration of agreement between the two parties, customs clearance of goods, exit of goods from customs, etc..

Nave piena di container pronta a salpae

Rules and regulations: Accudire generates value

With Accudire it is possible to prepare the essential elements of an international contract, in compliance with Incoterms® and the relative allocation of costs, risks and responsibilities, using standard models that are constantly updated according to international regulations.

In addition, the platform allows one to define the main aspects of legal, customs, insurance, export controls and documents. This clearly defines the procedures and contractual relationship between the people that interact along the entire international trade chain.

Schermata di benvenuto del software

By simply filling in the appropriate sections, Accudire generates transport contracts through standard models, thus avoiding slow manual procedures, repetitive unsafe checks, as well as the creation and transmission of paper documents.

All the data is available online. It is secure, protected and unchangeable, certifying the steps and responsibilities of the parties involved, from the seller to the buyer, from the customs representative to banks and insurance companies, from port and interport companies to shippers and carriers.

In addition, the transparency of the system and the compliance of documents speed up operations, reducing approval timescales and risks associated with sanctions or the lack of compliance with the complex international regulatory system (such as anti-money laundering, the fight against terrorism, anti-fraud, anti-corruption, export controls).

Finally, the use of Accudire avoids blockages at customs, slowness, inaccuracies, errors and loss of information typical of paper practices, ensuring the compliance of international regulations using information technology. Once at customs, the goods have a complete background that is unchangeable, drastically reducing further checks of the documents.

The client

Accudire is a certified innovative startup. It was set up with the experience and tools of the founding partners Ormesani Srl and ZPC Srl (already our customer for years with the ECP platform) in the international shipping field, customs, compliance and export controls.

Accudire (the name is a union of the terms “Accurate” and “Direction”) aims to simplify and speed up organizational processes and operational procedures in the export business. Helping companies and individuals untangle their business from the complex network of rules and regulations governing international trade.

Therefore, Accudire has been created specifically for this, so the project required an initial phase of conception and a design with a reassuring, clear identity.

Focus on design with Uqido Deep Dive

Companies using the platform can overcome slow manual procedures, repetitive and unsafe checks, for the creation and transmission of paper documents.

Accudire avoids custom blocks, slowness, inaccuracies, errors and loss of information typical of paper practices, ensuring compliance with international regulations using information technology.

All this was the result of an accurate and thorough design of the platform and the functions that it hosted. To achieve this we used our Uqido Deep Dive process to explore the world of international trade. A real immersion in regulations and standards, including best practices, special cases and exceptions that the platform had to manage.

Port-it sulla parete per la progettazione

To be effective, the design must accompany all phases of the project, and dictate the guidelines for each choice. Therefore a different team of designers, design strategists and neuroscientists worked side by side the team of developers for the duration of the development, thus ensuring consistency and effectiveness of the user experience obtained at the end of the process.

“The challenge was to conceive a platform that was not merely an isolated, digital product but a tool able to grow and improve. In fact, it came from a coherent and integrated set of
experiences: from context research to the testing phase with native users, from initial intentions to thoughts during development, from first use to fluid and intuitive and daily interaction.”

Valentina, Designer of Uqido

“The platform is practical, accessible, schematic and very close to the operators who carry out this work on a daily basis. I really like Accudire, you have been really good, I hope it can be adopted because it would be a great help.”

Alessandro, Import Export Manager during user testing

Tavolo con pc e appunti durante la progettazione

Cutting-edge, user-friendly technology: the start of our development

Accudire provides an integrated environment on three levels (Cloud – Blockchain – API) to activate an ecosystem of skills, people and technology easily usable with other digital platforms and ERP systems.

Blockchain technology, used for saving important information, is essential for the implementation of Smart Contracts. The latter allows the saving of data related to an agreement without the intervention of a third party, sharing and certifying this information through all the nodes of the blockchain.

The communication to blockchain is carried out directly by the web server that retrieves and sends the data in the crucial phases of the shipment.

The Cloud platform is accessible to users at any time and from any device. The data entered in Accudire are important and confidential, therefore the system was built with a privacy-by-default and security-by-design approach, with only confidential data being saved and with the most up-to-date security systems.

Through the implementation of Restful APIs, it is possible to integrate the platform with other existing systems, such as ERP, or monitoring systems.

“A continuous sharing of information relating to the context and business opportunities between client and development team has allowed us to identify the most suitable technologies for the project and implement them in the best possible way. This fruitful collaboration is largely the result of a two-way communication that is so useful and constant, enabling us to create products that are ready to face challenges of the market.”

Daniel, CTO of Uqido

Schermata del software

Innovation with an impact on business

A project of this magnitude aims to revolutionise the world of international commerce, embracing a new way of complying with regulatory requirements that make it easier and safer for all stakeholder activities.

Good innovation generates value for users, in the case of Accudire the impact is clear: if transactions are safer and are certified, there is less time wasted due to manually managed practices and repeated checks at multiple stages of the process, there is a transparent and centralised data management that limits the loss of information.

Proper design investigates the needs of companies and critical market issues, then generates development guidelines. In this way the new technology has a greater chance of being used, becoming part of a routine, and having a positive impact. This has also happened in the projects carried out for Safilo and 3Bee.

“Accudire is a unique initiative in Italy, extremely innovative, with a lot of technology, but more than anything else with “good” technology. The collaboration with Uqido is allowing the creation of a truly useful revolutionary product for companies, which will substantially change the social paradigms of collaboration along the international supply chains. It is the result of a fluid approach that constantly takes into account market feedback and comparisons with professionals in the design and development team, activities in which I am continuously involved.”

Abramo Vincenzi, CEO of Accudire

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