Design thinking
Software development
UI / UX design

Smart devices connected at all times to beekeepers’ devices allow monitoring the status of the hive, reporting the amount of honey produced, swarmings, changes in both the sound and the light spectrum, production statistics, a calendar, and much more. Simple interfaces designed for fruition in any circumstance, from the field itself to the sofa at home, with intuitive and easy to use features. A solid and secure link binds the software component to the hardware, making them blend together.

Always connected devices, always able to report on their status, once again improve the daily work of companies and individuals.

A SPRINT, to begin

Five days, 40 hours, 2400 minutes spent with the client, side by side, at our firm, to carefully gauge the industry sector, the needs of users, the competitive framework and the state of the art of pertinent technologies, in order to identify what the software will do and how it will work, finally culminating in an MVP.

The SPRINT helps to know each other better, and is a solid basis to build the continuation of the project on. Uqido operates in symbiosis with its client, leading to greater customer satisfaction and to a reduction of posterior corrective measures on the platform. Products are developed not “for” the customer, but rather “with” the customer.

Stop Allergeni

Progressive web app for allergies

AR Projects

Augmented reality