Case History

Engineering meets creativity, skill meets passion

IKEA Padova

Immersive technologies for retail

Mecc App

One-click alternator-control panel

Nice Filo

XR Storytelling

Dainese Exhibit

Interactive Installation

Uqido Deep Dive with Pam Panorama

Design Thinking User Experience

Crédit Agricole

The World, Inside A Room

Sei Mamma Euganea

Supporting you during your pregnancy


Smart Beehive App and Cloud Platform

Info Pronto Soccorso

Connected Emergency Rooms

The Edge – Be brave

Overcome your limits with VR

AR Projects

Augmented Reality


The mobile dermatoscope


Trade Compliance Web App

A VR Hope

Protecting wolves with WWF

Stop Allergeni

Progressive web app for allergies


App for the Padua Health Authority

Museo Magister Giotto – Venezia

The Immersive Museum in Venice