IKEA Bestå

IKEA Bestå

wall unit

A TV stand, a tall piece of furniture, a support for shopping windows, or a buffet. BESTÅ modules have always combined style and functionality for living room furniture. How does not one get lost into it? As of today, thanks to the technologies developed by Uqido, you simply have to interact with a touchscreen monitor, to configure the different combinations, according to images that flow around the space with an artistic direction, and to have them projected in front of you. All available modules can be chosen – at actual size – and have their color, composition and layout changed, simply by dragging them with a finger on the screen.

At any time customers can monitor the changes through a 3D rendering projected on the wall in front of them and, thanks to a dedicated button, see the individual components of each module in a bigger size, or rotate the corresponding exploded view. At the end of the procedure the created combination can be printed, with information on price, availability and location through the shelves.

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Through the controls on the screen, you can choose between several available modules, change the color and layout simply by dragging them with your finger on the screen: the application will show the modules individually or present them in combinations identical to the ones available at the store. In addition to color customization, the user can decide whether to attach a door to the module or leave the compartment open. Particular attention is given to the legs associated with each module, to the 32 variations of doors and to drawers.

During the interaction with the screen, the user can monitor all the changes through a 3D rendering that is projected on the white wall in front of him, which reflects their needs in real time. All objects are reproduced at actual size.

At any time, the user can decide to view the components of a single selected Bestå module. Through a dedicated button, the object is highlighted and broken down into its individual elements in increased size, so as to show the details (holes, pins, and screws for assembly) and the relative measurements and indications in “augmented reality”. Specifically, the goal here is to give the user a dimensional indication of the scale of the module, for example taking an IKEA catalog next to the equipped wall as a reference. It is also possible to rotate the decomposed object to see all components more closely.

The user is able to print their created combination, with information on price, availability, and location through the shelves (this information is retrieved from a Uqido server and is downloaded daily into the local application server).

The Bestå customizer is provided with a 3G key for Internet connectivity, allowing Uqido to perform remote support and interventions when necessary.

All available components for the equipped wall units have been subject to a careful photo shoot.

Uqido provides all usage statistics in detail, collected and analyzed in all usage dimensions (time, functionality, preferences, and so on).

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