Immersive Computing

We explore the latest cutting-edge technologies with the pioneering spirit that sets us apart

Our Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences are curated on the particular needs of each client: from entertainment to training, from industry 4.0 to healthcare, through architecture and product design, we illustrate the potential of Immersive Computing through explanatory showcases.

We bring together multifaceted, specialized and competent professionals: Developers, Product Designers, UX and UI Designers, CG Artists, Technical Sound and Game Designers.

Only in this way can our solutions become truly immersive, complete and effective.

  • Entertainment

    Immersive Technologies are widely used for recreational and entertainment purposes. Their ability to engage the viewer ensures immersive and exciting experiences, thus creating a strong impact in the minds of users. Adrenaline emotions in a closed and limited space, anywhere in the world. Simply astonishing.

  • Industry 4.0

    Continuous production processes, cumbersome, expensive or delicate instruments, risks for the health of individuals: these are just some of the cases in which new technologies can reduce costs and risks thanks to increasingly precise simulations and increasingly effective and efficient teaching techniques.

  • Design & Architecture

    Immersive technologies make it possible to eliminate the effort to imagine and understand the aesthetic and functional performance of a given object or place.
    Creating, furnishing and visiting a loft before its construction, or handling and using an object still in the concept phase are just two examples of how technology can help us.

  • Healthcare

    Medical research is increasingly focusing on immersive computing for the treatment of particular types of phobias, forms of addiction and post-traumatic stress disorders.
    This technology lets people confront their pathologies, be provided with relief from trauma, as well as have their progress monitored in a controlled environment with measurable stimuli.

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