Dainese Exhibit

Dainese Exhibit

Hardware development
Software development
UI / UX design
Extended reality

The combination of customer experience design and advanced technologies, together with the goals of a world-famous brand, gave life to the exhibits we have designed for Dainese. This creative process takes advantage of technological and design skills to provide attractions that are unique, engaging and, above all, in line with the values of the brand.

What were the main challenges?
Designing new products that are at the same time technologically advanced, easy to use, resistant to environmental stress and able to enhance the user experience.

Exhibitions for fairs
EICMA ed Intermot

Virtual viewing D-Air®

An exhibition area has been created to promote D-Air®. It hosts the section of a D-Air® model and an adjacent and complementary screen showing a 3D video. A three-dimensional model, obtained by photogrammetry and able to swell and deflate, simulates the system designed by Dainese, both in slow motion and at normal speed.

See Antartica first-hand

An interactive experience is offered to the users to present the new Antartica jacket, and to let them delve into the details of the excellent materials. A virtual copy of the jacket obtained by photogrammetry moves in time and space beyond all limits, just like the real jacket.

360° Video

A 360° video experience with on-bike camera footage makes the user enjoy the expanded field of view, which is typical of the top-of-the-range AGV helmets compared to the competitors’ helmets. The 5K resolution transports the viewer to the center of the action by projecting them on a motorbike and making them live an engaging experience.

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After setting the goal we designed innovative products thanks to our expertise in software and hardware. Usability of the attractions and adherence to the guidelines provided by Dainese were paid particular attention.

These attractions, placed in museums and fairs, drew hundreds of participants, achieving the goal of delivering the company values in an engaging and striking way.

“These projects are the result of the perfect blend of the engineering soul and creative drive of Uqido.”

Gianpaolo Greco, XR Creative Director, Uqido

Museo Magister Giotto – Venezia

The Immersive Museum in Venice

A VR Hope

Protecting wolves with WWF