IKEA Padova

IKEA Padova

Software development
Video mapping 3D
UI / UX design
Extended reality

Extended Reality revolutionizes the retail experience, letting IKEA innovate and conquer its customers. In addition to supporting the internal processes of companies, immersive technologies are able to open new scenarios and perspectives in the field of product communication, especially inside stores.

Brick and mortar stores, after losing their exclusivity in sales, are assuming a new identity in commercial terms. The store becomes a place designed to convey specific emotions, thanks to the familiarity of visuals and through all experiences offered to the visitor: elements capable of translating the experienced emotions into lasting memories, connected to the brand.

  • Vallentuna

    A fun and entertaining feat at the store, to give it new meaning and extend the existing, charm consumers and guarantee a unique experience.

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  • Bestå

    The latest advance in product configuration relies on innovative, immersive and easy to use tools that improve the shopping experience.

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A unique project's

The two different installations have been developed with different technologies: real-time rendering, video mapping, and video cropping, gesture recognition and face detection. To reach specific development goals we employed different applications and programs such as Unity 3D, a graphics engine used in the video games and entertainment industry, Blender, for the creation of three-dimensional graphics, and various other image editing programs.

Each of these technologies required a specific study by professionals. The project as an entirety required a total of 1,200 hours of R&D to move from the kick-off stage to release in production and installation at the sale point.

To create the VALLENTUNA video mapping scene, three 4K laser projectors with interchangeable lenses were used to modify the scene at the user’s command. Having to recreate anamorphic 3D environments, a particular attention has been given to the users’ point of view, so that they must be invited to position themselves exactly where the experience offers the best perspective.

Uqido designers have dedicated their attention to the challenges of UX and UI to make the interaction with the installations pleasant and effective. Graphics are intuitive and suitable for a wide audience that includes both children, who love to immerse themselves and have fun in the fantastic scenarios, and adults who are surprised by the graphic effects of the recreated environments. The use is designed for a varied audience: interacting with the VALLENTUNA is as easy as pressing a button.

Lighting is the aspect that required the most attention, as it is one of the most crucial components of a realistic 3D reconstruction.

Candidate projectors were analyzed by testing them individually at the installation site and finally, the Epson EB-L1000Us were selected, for their guarantee of an excellent performance even with non-optimal and variable ambient lighting. The biggest challenge was to recreate product colors and textures that vary in real time on the exposed sofa. Working in an environment where complete darkness is not an option made for a very tough challenge in of color alternation. Nonetheless, we managed to win this battle only with much experimentation, both in terms of color and light.

Considering the challenges of the surrounding environment, the final result was amazing: the technologies employed reached their maximum expression.

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