Academy Training Offer

A whole set of opportunities

  • A full-time course

    Theory-based Learning + project-based work: the study of specific software programming with Unity, supported by ArCore, ArKIt, SteamVR, will be applied to real projects submitted by companies and reach the production of finished AR or VR applications.

  • Software and hardware

    During the course, you will have a personal full-fledged workstation, and all the necessary tools, at your disposal: HTC Vive, VR-One Backpacks, Mixed Reality headsets, Google Daydream, Samsung Gear, Hololens, iPad, iPhone, Android phones.

  • Teachers and tutors at your disposal

    The best minds in the industry, professionals always up to date on software, hardware, and current techniques, are ready to transfer their knowledge with passion and enthusiasm. In addition, our Academy Team will be available throughout the process to answer questions and assist you with the project.

  • A young and passionate team

    that you will meet every day, grow and have fun together with: workshops, hackathons, and boot camps will stimulate creativity, idea exchange, fun and team building. Uqido Square, our open space with tiered seating and a big screen, will welcome you to share presentations, training, but also films, events and evenings of music.

  • Access to our corporate best practices

    From entertainment to education, from industry 4.0 to healthcare, through architecture and cultural heritage, we have several showcases that illustrate the potential of immersive computing, from which you can draw inspiration.

  • The opportunity for a job contract

    with Uqido for the best students and a CV recommendation to partner companies: the 3 best resources will join the UQido XR team. The others will be recommended to our network of European partner companies, with job opportunities in London, Paris, Berlin, and Barcelona.

Join the future of immersive computing

A period of full immersion in coding for Virtual and Augmented Reality.

The future becomes a sensory, engaging and interactive experience: a new way to get in touch with space, to know and understand, to interact and experiment.