Academy Overview

Empower your
coding skills

Uqido is made of engineers and creative developers, obsessed with good code, and hungry for innovation. This is why we built the Academy inside our headquarters, a laboratory for experimentation with projects in the field of XR Extended Reality, and we’re opening it today to those who, just like us, have accepted the challenge of the future and want to design immersive experiences by developing Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality content.

Join the future
of immersive computing

The Academy will offer the first course entirely dedicated to immersive digital technologies, with tools such as HTC Vive, VR-One Backpacks, Mixed Reality headsets, ARCore and ARKit. Through the study of specific software programming with Unity, we will train the next generation of developers able to create, both autonomously and in teams, technically competitive experiences for today’s market.

Through a complete training process, students will learn how to manage the specific workflows of immersive computing, as well as the intricacies of project management and the technical issues related to the different hardware available on the market. We will tackle actual projects, commissioned by companies, with a project-based didactic approach that will allow every student to reach the end of the course with a personal portfolio of VR and AR products and of professional contacts.

Workshop, hackaton e bootcamp

They will stimulate creativity, idea exchange, fun and team building. Uqido Square, our open space with tiered seating and a big screen, will welcome you to share presentations, training, but also films, events and evenings of music.

Why choose the Academy?

You will become part of a group of passionate people, be able to share and enrich your experiences and have the chance to make new ones, through training and exciting cutting-edge design challenges.

A training and sharing experience in a dynamic company: workshops, a hackathon and a boot camp, but also the Uqido talks, the film club, squash matches or futsal matches and… LaLista (the loser buys pastries for everyone!).

The headquarters of Uqido are home to those who spend their days here, hence we have a cozy kitchen where they can share lunch, drink coffee in the afternoon (free perk!) and have pizza together after an Uqido talk. The course is held inside the headquarters: this allows direct contact with our team of developers, promotes the sharing of skills and the exchange of information.

What's waiting for you

  • You will acquire technical skills to develop VR and AR content, as well as learn a business model to allow you to work efficiently in professional environments.
  • You will learn all the secrets to manage AR / VR content development workflows through individual work and group activities in a successful way.
  • By working on the challenges offered by companies, you will have the opportunity to verify the fields of application of VR and AR in different sectors, e.g. engineering, architecture, entertainment, and health care.
  • The Academy will help you improve your portfolio and build a professional network useful to your career.

Start living your virtual reality

A bright and clear space for workstations equipped with the most up-to-date hardware and software. Throughout the course your station will be available before and after each session, to make the most out of it. Maximum comfort, top-notch equipment!